7 Signs That You May Be Depressed And Need To Consult A Professional

Depression occurs in people of all ages, and even though it is often waved off as “laziness” it is one of the biggest silent killers. In fact, depression plays a role in more than half of suicide-related deaths. It is often difficult to notice symptoms of depression in yourself or people around you but reaching out to professionals for depression treatment winter park can help you navigate your way around depression.

Symptoms of depression vary with each individual, but seven common symptoms are:

·    Feelings of Emptiness/Worthlessness

Many people going through a depressive episode have low self-esteem and often talk about how they have no self-worth.

·    Frequent Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Depression and anxiety have a very complex relationship. People with depression are often subject to random episodes of crying and panic.

·    Substance Abuse

To get away from the empty feeling associated with depression, people often begin to abuse harmful substances like alcohol and drugs.

·    Persistent Physical Pain

Not all physical pain is related to depression. But, depression can manifest itself physically in the form of a relentless ache in a particular part of the body. This will not go away even after proper medical attendance.

·    Sudden and Rapid Weight Gain/Loss

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Depressive episodes often lead to changed eating habits. Individuals tend to either eat in abundance or stop eating altogether.

·    Loss of Interest in Pleasurable Activities

Chemical imbalances in the brain that often lead to depression make activities that were once enjoyable to individuals feel impossible to do.

·    Thinking/Talking About Suicide

When someone talks about suicide, it may not be only for attention. It may be a cry for help from a person who has been suffering from depression over a long period of time. People who face frequent depressive episodes often resort to self-harm/suicide as a way to either feel something other than emptiness or as a final escape.


Depression is a serious mental health issue. It needs to be treated as soon as possible as individuals with depression are susceptible to various degrees of self-harm as well as episodes of uncontrolled sadness and rage, which can be harmful to people around them.

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