Dental Emergencies

When we think of emergencies, we’re usually thinking of a bad fall down the stairs or a car accident. Rarely do we think of issues with our teeth as emergencies. However, there are certain signs that the odd toothache is an emergency.

What exactly constitutes a dental emergency? Toothaches and pains can be dealt with for a while, but there are more obvious signs. Here are a few.

●   Severe Pain

Toothaches aren’t to be taken lightly. Minor toothaches can be inconvenient, but more severe toothaches can sign something worse. If your severe toothache is accompanied by bleeding, find the nearest emergency dentist long beach.

●   Losing Teeth

If you’ve knocked a tooth out or chipped it as an adult, fast action can save your tooth. The best thing to do would be to find a dentist and get it checked out.

●   Loose Teeth

If you’re an adult and feel a loose tooth in your mouth, you need to start worrying. Even if the tooth is painless, it is still a cause for worry.

●   Swelling

If you notice a swelling in your gums or face, visiting a dentist might be the best course of action. Swelling can indicate larger or underlying problems that can even be life-threatening.

What isn’t a dental emergency?

For all the talk about an emergency, some situations don’t warrant immediate attention.

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●   Chipped or Cracked teeth

If the chipped or cracked tooth hurts, then it is an emergency. If the tooth is painless and just remains cracked, then you can easily visit the dentist the next day.

●   Toothaches

Normal aches and pains don’t warrant immediate action. Only if the pain is unbearable does it require a dentist immediately.

●   Losing a Crown or Filling

Losing a filling or a crown isn’t an emergency. You can easily stick a piece of sugar-free gum in the spot or loosely glue the crown back in place. Just don’t glue it back with super glue.

Dental emergencies are valid and important. It’s necessary to find the nearest emergency dentist and keep their number handy. You never know when you’ll need it!

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